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This is a list of projects, plans, and other similar things for the blog.



DONE preamble/postamble section

DONE fully custom CSS

completed on <2021-W47-1>

TODO ClojureScript execution in source code blocks

DONE floating preamble section

completed on <2021-W47-1>

TODO automatically generate HTML for linked manual pages / help entries

This presumably would be done through htmlize and a modification to the system for creating the links.

TODO make site-internal links a different color than external ones

This way each link has it's own clear differentiation between other links.

TODO add on-hover popups for site-internal links

Have the description of the link (along with title of link) pop up when the user hovers over an internal link.

TODO automatically generate page descriptions

TODO Refactor website layout.

Refactor the website so that it has a more flat layout with less indicies (for now).



TODO Add a ClojureScript tutorial

Basically a fun little tutorial on how to code in clojurescript.

TODO Create a tutorial on literate programming in org mode

A basic tutorial on how to do literate programming in emacs, tangle files, and some tips on how to use it.

TODO Add a logic programming / UI with logic programming tutorial.

A basic tutorial on rule based programming with clojurescript, clara-rules, and of course reagent to create a rule programming oriented game.

Creative Writing

TODO Add the various things I have written

Mostly just clean up short stories and make them presentable.

TODO Clean up worldbuilding docs for publishing

I have worldbuilding docs that probably should be organized.


TODO Introduction to automated theorem provers

TODO Automatic symbolization assistant

A simple program to parse sentences and perform a very basic analysis that spits out a (crude and preliminary) symbolization.

TODO Project Euler Problems


TODO Add a discussion about wiki software / techniques / applications

A short discussion about wiki software, how to use it, and the benefits of having a personal wiki.

TODO Collection of industrial photos

A small collection of photos of various industrial sites, shipping, and other such things.

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